Doodling - the imagination running free...


"Once begins with an 'O'," said Miss Roper, writing one in with red ink.

Eric stared at the page as he went back to his desk. He knew he'd written an 'O', it was a big capital 'O', he remembered writing it. He remembered going over it again while he tried to think of something to write. He might even have drawn a face on the 'O'. So where had it gone?



Doodling - the imagination running free. 


"Hi - I'm Iver No-Idea - I know weird name right Well you can blame Eric for that..."


"Mayhem - I don't know what you mean... I was only trying to get Eric's attention..."

"A heatwave you say - sit in the shade and read about how I gatecrashed a skiing holiday..."

There's a Christmas story too - but I don't think August is the right time to be bringing that up...