Picture Books - painting images in the imagination...

I love picture books. They are deceptively simple - but they tell a whole story in a few words and picture - that's their magic and charm.

My picture books


The story that had to be told, of an ex racehorse with so much more to give. 

Belle is an ex racehorse, but she doesn't know what that means. Maybe she's a jumper, a dressage horse or an explorer... But what must a a field full of strange beasts, or an exploding hedge look like to a horse who is used to the racetrack...?


But I'm Not Sleepy is my best seller - everyone it seems has a 'Lucy' who will do anything to avoid going to bed.

But only one person so far has ever admitted that she was just the same - one other except me that is - has everyone else just forgotten I wonder...

Come on admit it - we were all as bad - surely...? 



Although this book is a work of fiction, it was inspired by, and dedicated to, all my cats, past and present, who are an inspiration and distraction in equal measure. 


Ah my first book, and now in it's second edition - always draws comment  - everyone has a different idea of the monster under the bed - but I wonder how many see the identity of this one coming...